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Best Treatment For Candida


There are those critical times when you may need to take an antibiotic for a bacterial infection such as pneumonia, staph, strep, or Helicobacter pylori. To counteract the negative consequences of candida overgrowth, take Candida abX or another antifungal while taking your antibiotic and for one month after you finish the course. After a month, stop the antifungal and start taking probiotics (Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics 12 Plus from Essential Formulas). This will ensure that you don't have to do the whole candida elimination protocol again.
Best Treatment For Candida


To keep yourself balanced and to experience quality aging, follow the recommendations below after you finish your 90-day program.

Use the new food lists as a guide:
  • Eat foods from the "Foods to Eat to Maintain Health" list. Slowly introduce any new foods back into your diet. If you have a bad reaction, this is your body's way of telling you to stay away from that food or to indulge in it less frequently.
  • Avoid the foods on the "Foods to Eat Infrequently or Not at All" list or eat them only 20 percent of the time or less.
Take the following supplements:
Probiotics (dairy-free strains of acidophflus and bifidus):

Probiofics replace and balance bacteria in the GI tract. Take as directed on the bottle. If you are disciplined by nature and can maintain a healthy diet and minimal stress, taking the probiotic for the rest of your life should be sufficient to keep you free from candida overgrowth. However, for most people, stress and poor diet more often prevail. In these cases, to stay balanced it is best to take a probiotic along with an herbal antifungal for the rest of your life. To make sure that you don't become immune to a particular antifungal formula, rotate the different formulas every couple of months. Take the antifungal before bed and the probiotic upon arising.

  • Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics 12 Plus (Essential Formulas, no refrigeration required)
Herbal antifungal (only for those who have continual high stress and do not maintain a clean diet);
Taking a probiotic for the rest your life (without an antifungal) is sufficient if you can maintain a clean diet and low stress levels. Those who find it too challenging to do this would do best to take a probiotic along with an antifungal for their lifetime in order to stay balanced. Make sure to rotate antifungal formulas every couple of months (Candida abX, pau d'arco tea or tincture, and Primal Defense Ultra).

Multivitamin-mineral supplement:
A good multivitamin-mineral supplement will co
mpensate for some of the nutrients that are missing in your diet. Make sure your source has chelated minerals (minerals bound with amino adds to improve absorption). Take after meals or snacks.

  • Wellness Essentials for Men or Women (Metagenics) 
This formula comes in two packets that you can easily take twice a day. They contain your multivitamin and minerals as well as B-complex vitamins, fish oils, and extra calcium (in the women's packet) or stress-balancing herbs (in the male packet).  

B-complex vitamins

If you are taking a one-a-day multivitamin-mineral supplement as opposed to a brand that you are supposed to take twice or three times a day, you will need to take an extra B-complex supplement. B-complex vitamins are a must for vegetarians because certain B vitamins are lacking in a vegetarian diet.

  • Glucogenics (Metagenics)
  • B-Right (Jarrow Formulas) 
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